7 Actual Wrestling T-Shirts That Come With A lot of Cringe

Speaking as one, wrestling fans love their merchandise. One popular item among wrestling fans are the wrestling t-shirts. Unfortunately, many of them are, quite frankly, just awful. Who would wear some of these wrestling t-shirts in public?

James Storm Beer Shirt

wrestling shirts

Apparently James Storm is a 13 year old Xbox Live Call of Duty player. I mean seriously, how awkward would it be walking around with this shirt in public?

John Morrisson JoMo Sapiens Shirt

Ummm… okay??? I have WAAAYYY more questions about everything going on here than I do have answers. I’m sorry folks.

Bray Wyatt Cringe Shirt

I need everyone’s stepdad to stop designing WWE shirts like this. Oh my god… MAKE IT STOP!

Rikishi’s Ass

Good luck getting the image of Rikishi’s ass out of your head now…

Kevin Nash and Wolves

Backstory, in 1998 the nWo split into two factions, Hollywood, lead by Hulk Hogan, and Wolfpak lead by Kevin Nash, so naturally WCW went in one single direction with Kevin Nash merchandise…

A whole lotta Kevin Nash and wolves. You seriously can’t get any more generic than that… I actually had one of these shirts when I was a teenager. Believe me, I was (and still am) a huge dork.

Dolph Ziggler Mega Tool Shirt

For all of you tools out there, do you need the perfect shirt to go with your pick up truck that has a Monster Energy Drink bumper sticker on it. Do you need a shirt you while you’re talking about them gains all day while you’re listening to Hatebreed? Then this shirt is for you.

Seriously, why are all Dolph Ziggler shirts simply awful?

APA Always Pounding Ass Bar & Grill

This is the most confusing shirt. I don’t understand, is this a place where you go for wings, beer, and to get spanked? Hey, we could all use that sometimes after a hard day of work. Sometimes you just need to unwind.

I feel like JBL’s former alter ego, Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw would be a good customer at the APA Always Pounding Ass Bar & Grill

I mean, he has got a rope and assless chaps already.


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