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Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #1 is a Glorious Tribute to 80s Wrestling Cheese

If you’re a long time fan of wrestling, such as myself, then you will remember the cheesy but also amazing era of the wrestling boom during the 1980s. You had your Hulk Hogans, your Ultimate Warriors, and your Ric Flairs. They were over the top larger than life personalities. In the comic, from Matt Entin and Ed Kuehnel, Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia, we see “Rock n Roll” Rory Landell declare himself the Galactic Champion. A planet receives the transmissions and declares war on Earth.

Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia

Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia, unlike WWE Comics, breaks the lines of what is known as kayfabe. You see the promoters discuss “booking” and possibly heel turns of characters. A lot of those lines have been blurred by WWE themselves in the past 15 years so it was nice to see that the writers didn’t insult the intelligence of the readers like so many times wrestling is portrayed in TV or movies.

The art style fits the premise of the book. It is quirky and over the top like wrestling. The coloring is especially really nice, as Marissa Louise did amazing work here. The writing is very strong. The writers Keuhnel & Entin also have writing credits for the video game Valiant Hearts (a game known for its fantastic narrative).

If I had to make one criticism for the book is that Rory Landell comes across as bit too much a dirtbag and egomaniac to be the story’s protagonist. Granted, if you ever witness a “shoot interview” with your favorite 1980s wrestling star, you will likely see where the inspiration for that comes from. Still, it would have been nice to have someone more relatable here.

Still, I highly recommend this book. This is especially if you are a fan of wrestling in general. Anyone familiar with the wrestling territories will appreciate this, definitely. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is something I loved about it. A fun book, overall.

Plus you are totally going to want to know the context for what this page is all about:

Where to Pick Up Wrestletopia

Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia issue #1 is on sale now!

Preview it here on Tumblr.

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