It Came From Craigslist: Sometimes Free Isn’t Worth It

Has anyone ever taken the plunge on Craigslist? I’ve had a few victories, and several losses from the Craigslist Ad. Heck, they even have free stuff on there, can’t beat the price of free, or can you? Examining a few of my recent favorite freebies here…


Craigslist Ad

This might be the millennial in me, but I do not see this as worth the drive to Mattoon, Illinois. If you know Illinois, you will know that Mattoon, like Jakku, is pretty much nowhere. Hell, I don’t even see this as worth the effort if you’re from the area. Again, it might be my entitled millennial ass (sarcasm), but I just don’t see this as even remotely cost effective weighing the risks of meeting a stranger from the internet against this.

With This, You Can Be On a Motherf***ing BOAT!

Real Craigslist Ad

I have the perfect song and scene to describe what this boat makes me feel.

Seriously, could you not get any more trashed of a boat than this? Is this even worth restoring? I like that the person says “Assume this thing has junk.” Like you know some idiot is looking at that picture and wondering if its good to go fishing in or not.

Short answer…no… it is not.

Creepy Barber Chair

Actual Craigslist Ad

You can have this lovely half of a barber chair stored in Jigsaw’s basement. Meanwhile when you are hauling this thing away, don’t be surprised if this guy comes wanting to play with you…

Lids…. Lots and Lots of Lids

Non Makebelieve Craigslist Ad

If you’re an every day person like me, you probably have a buttload of 5 Gallon Buckets that have no freaking lids! So here you go, for the everyday problem, here is a suspicious amount of 5 gallon bucket lids.


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