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Resident Evil 2 is Turning 20 Years Old!

Resident Evil 2 was released first in North America on January 21, 1998. Very shortly, it will be 20 years since it was released.

The first three Resident Evil games, especially Resident Evil 2, is what introduced me to the world of Playstation. I absolutely loved this game. I would do speedy playthroughs of this game. While the game has aged in some regards, it is still very much a classic.

The tank controls are about the only drawback that has not really improved with time, unfortunately. Having said that, if you can adjust, itis worth playing.

I found a longplay of the Leon A scenario that has no commentary. So if you want to relive some of those memories, enjoy…

Your Opinions of Resident Evil 2

I talked to the Twitterverse (Follow GeekWithThat on Twitter and join the Conversation) about Resident Evil 2. Here is what some had to say…

I personally love hearing stories like those two.

I definitely agree with this statement. A couple of years ago there was an offhand remark made by the original game’s producer, Hiroyuki Kobayash. So far, no real news has been made. Personally, I’d like for them to, at the very least, to improve the graphics to where it isn’t difficult to view on HDTVs, and maybe implement the control scheme from the HD Remasters of Zero and Resident Evil.

For whatever it is worth, the PC Gaming community has tried their best to implement some fixes for the PC Version to run on modern PCs, if you can get a hold of that version somehow (it is not being sold on any digital platform).

An Alternate Version of the Game

I didn’t even know there was a version. If you don’t know what the is, it was a handheld device with primitive internet access and limited PDA features. It wasn’t held in the highest regard when it was released. It certainly hasn’t aged well since then.

I did manage to find a YouTuber, Stranno, who did a playthrough of the version so you can see it for yourself.

How to Still Play the Game

Resident Evil 2 was released for Playstation 1, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, GameCube, and on PSN Store as a PS1 Classic for PS3, Playstation Vita, and PSP. Yes, an alternate version was also for the Of course, you can play some of these versions on an emulator if have the game and supposedly it is legal. Don’t come to this website for legal advise though. You can also play it illegally through pirating but I won’t provide instructions on how to use Google for that.

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