5 Amazon Product Listings That Make You Say “Why?”

Amazon has almost everything available to buy. It is quite a rabbit hole you can down and find some weird stuff. For instance, here are 5 Amazon Product Listings that definitely are random as hell…

Nugs Not Drugs Phone Case

Amazon product listing

Hey you can’t argue with the logic that Chicken Nuggets are pretty damn amazing. Nor can you argue with the logic that Chicken Nuggets are more healthy for you than meth. So sport that Chicken McNugget pride with this sweet sweet phone case, baby!

You Don’t Mess With the Zohan Spanish Pillow

Amazon product listing

If you love this Adam Sandler so much that you need a throw pillow of it, and you speak Spanish, then this product is for you. I don’t know if Spanish speaking people love Adam Sandler that much. I will claim ignorance on that. I pretty much know he hasn’t retained the popularity with the English speaking audience that he did in the 90s though.

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1995 Fleer Baseball Card of the 1993 Chicago Cubs Starting 3rd Baseman, Steve Buechele.

Amazon product listing

If you’re a collector of baseball cards or all things 1993 Chicago Cubs Starting 3rd Baseman, Steve Buechele, then this bad boy is for you. See the card is $0.45 but the shipping for some reason is 8 times that. Holy mark up, Batman! But that’s okay, because you need this, you have to have it!

Former WWE Wrestler, Savio Vega Shoot Interview

Amazon product listing

Ahh, I remember the mid 1990s when Savio Vega was rising through the ranks in WWE only to lose to Mabel for some reason in the worst King of the Ring in WWE/WWF history. Well, now you can get all of the history of that because you’ve always wanted to hear all about Los Boricuas, one of the more racist things to come out of WWE (its a long list). The best part? You can get an ultra reliable DVD-R copy for a measly $55 off of Amazon.

McDonalds Mushroomhead Shirt Because Reasons

Amazon product listing

Do you like the mediocre nu industrial metal band, Mushroomhead? Then get this shirt which really has absolutely nothing to do with Mushroomhead at all and more to do with McDonalds for absolutely no reason whatsoever. But…but… WHY?!

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