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20 Years of Final Fantasy Tactics

On January 28, 2018, the Playstation 1 classic, Final Fantasy Tactics will turn 20 years old.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics is a tactical RPG spinoff of the highly popular Final Fantasy series. While it wasn’t the first tactical RPG to ever have been released, the success of the genre is due, in part, to this game.

What is a Tactical Role Playing Game?

Tactical Role Playing Games incorporate elements from strategy games in sort of a grid based battle system. A good way to think of it is sort of like chess with RPG elements. Here is a video of the second battle I found to give you a solid idea…

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The Story of Final Fantasy Tactics

The Kingdom of Ivalice; forever guarded by the twin headed lions and by the sun that shines upon them… A year after the defeat of the 50 Years War, the King had died from a terminal illness earlier and the prince who succeed him was only 2 years old. This meant his guardian would actually reign in his stead as King. The Queen’s elder brother Larg was designated as guardian but, fearing an oppressive reign from the Queen, the parliament ousted the potential prince.

Appointing instead the King’s cousin, Prince Goltana, as the guardian. Prince Goltanna and Prince Larg are both respected generals who proved themselves in the 50 Year War. Prince Goltana had the support of the powerful Nobles but, disenfranchised Nobles and knights clearly supported Prince Larg. The Black Lion symbolizes Prince Goltana and the White Lion symbolizes Prince Larg. This is the beginning of what will later be known as “The Lion War”.

Sequels and Future

There was remake for the PSP called Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. There has also been some Tactics games that were released for the Game Boy Advance.

Outside of those 3 portable games, there has not been much love, in terms of regular releases, for Final Fantasy Tactics, unfortunately. Why is that?

Unfortunately, the lead game designer left Square years ago. I would still like to see someone take the reigns. If nothing else, perhaps a release on Steam and PS4’s store like the other Final Fantasy games have seen would be nice. The game is practically suited for the PC and think of what the community modders could do with the game.

Of course, ultimately, I would like to maybe even see someone else take up the reigns and do a sequel or the original game designer do a spiritual successor. The game is just so darn good and this genre has made quite the comeback in recent years due to games like XCOM and Divinity.

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