Bootleg Facebook Shirts Fails: The Mostly All Roman Reigns Edition

Roman Reigns is not my favorite wrestler. I have a hard time relating to his character and I just don’t think he comes across authentic. If he’s your favorite wrestler and you disagree with my preferences, that’s completely fine.

That doesn’t explain why I get Facebook ad after ad of bootleg Roman Reigns merchandise. I do not search for him AT ALL. WHY FACEBOOK WHY?!

There is also a couple other fails here not related to Roman Reigns that I felt were worthy of pointing out too…

For Your Father’s Brother’s Nephew’s Cousin’s Former Roommate

Well, that is… oddly … specific…

And you know they made 23 other shirts for all eleven other months and the male gender for 12 months too.

I guess you have to hit that rich prime born in October female demographic somehow, sheesh…

Worst Significant Other Ever

My god, imagine getting this cringeworthy as hell shirt as someone’s boyfriend? This is something I would not wear in public, that is for sure..


Off to Never Never Land…

Those aren’t the lyrics to Enter Sandman. Either they were trying to be clever or they failed hardcore. Not entirely sure. In the end, I won’t buy a bootleg shirt with the freaking incorrect lyrics!

Since this has been mostly wrestling theme, lets enjoy ECW Legend The Sandman for the one thing he was known for his, his entrance to the Metallica classic…

Does This Make Sense?


I tell you, sometimes I do the only thing I find relatable about Roman Reigns even when I’m in the middle of some hardcore adulting…and that’s this…

What is WWE Lovers

So I kept seeing this WWE Lovers Facebook page pop up. I had to look at it finally and OH MY GOD…

Oh my god, I found on the internet where all the marks are.

SAVE ME JEEBUS! That’s where these people come from!

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