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Some Awkward Moments with Batman

Everyone seems to love Batman. He deals the hand of justice aka his fist into his enemies. Can’t argue with that. I love some of the movies he’s had in his name too like the Michael Keeton one from the late 80s and The Dark Knight trilogy. Also, the general consensus is that Ben Affleck does a great job of performing as him. This is even though the movies he was in have a mixed reception.

So, today, we have some awkward moments with Batman. Basically funny or unintentionally funny comic book panels that take on a new meaning in 2018. People dug the Superman one I did a couple weeks ago, so naturally, its his turn.

The Needs

Maybe Batman should really talk to a professional here instead of his butler.

He’s just a kid!

Oh no! Batman! You monster!

Customer Service These Days

This is basically customer service in 2018, in a nutshell.

The Greatest Of All Time

I had to admit it, this one left me pretty speechless.


Some people prefer to go with someone who is more experienced and show them the ropes.


They were working each other’s Boners and now it is just awkward for both of them.

In the immortal words of Mr. Owen Wilson, “Wow…”

Here he is is letting his kink show.

Always use protection

Guys, you know they are 99% effective. Don’t argue with the lady who I swear ISN’T Aunt May…

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