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Weird Books About Sharks & Romance

They say never judge a book by its title or cover. That might be true but don’t tell me these aren’t some of the best (or weirdest) book covers you’ve ever seen. So here are some weird books of masturbation, romance, and sharks.

Motherfucking Sharks

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Much like the movie “Sharknado,” as soon as I heard the title “Motherfucking Sharks” and saw this cover… my response was one word.

Whose Bottom Is This?

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I’ve played this game but not with animals before, which doesn’t seem nearly as fun.

Anybody Can Be Cool … but Being Awesome Takes Practice

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Well, this just bums me out, the title of my autobiography is already taken…

How to Poo on a Date

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Hey at first I thought this was a book about that weird kink I’ve heard about, but instead its about being in the middle of date, and not actually on the other person involved in the date. Because outside of that one corner of the internet, that’s usually the end of the date. Instead it is basically an “Everybody Poops” pep talk for dating. 5 stars…

But…You’re a Horse

Book on Amazon

This book is a total nay from me, it gives me a long face. I’m just going to gallop on out of here.

Although, this book is free with a subscription with Kindle Unlimited. Now you have a reason to sign up for that free trial you’ve been considering!

Images You Should Not Masturbate To

Book on Amazon

To this book’s title, I respond with the title of this classic millennial movie…


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