Bizarre Retro Video Game Advertisements

I remember the days of magazines like GamePro, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and Next Generation Gaming Magazine. Anyone remember the retro video game advertisements in them? They were a lot different than how video games are advertised now. Now you get a trailer of the game. Before, they had to be clever because the graphics weren’t as good. Well, I should put clever in “quotes” because some of these are just too weird for words. Here are 5 bizarre retro video game magazine advertisements.

National Lampoon’s Chessmeister

NOT THE PUPPER! He’s a good boi and you are doing him a frighten!


On the upside, I can only hope that is milk coming out of his nose, that’s all I’m going to say…

McKids… or at least I think that’s what is being advertised

I think the game in this advertisement is McKids, I think it is, but its hard to really say though. Anybody have their own theories on what this is advertising?

Also, the guy in the background, “M.C. Cool” invokes this song in my head…

Power Glove

From the Hall of Fame of ill conceived Video Game ideas is the power glove. With those amazing shades, you want that cool glove, that’s for sure.

Pro Fishing Challenge

Fishing just simply does not translate well to an action packed video game. Fishing is generally one of those relaxing bonding experiences you may experience with a parent, family, friends, or even just nature. You can’t put that in a video game.

But let us put ladies in skimpy outfits, because bugs don’t eat you while you’re fishing at all…

Game Boy

A Game Boy advertisement featuring a young Richard Gere (allegedly).

Man, its weird to think that Nintendo went in the complete opposite direction with their advertising in the last 15 years.

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