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Remaster This: Suikoden, a PS1 and RPG Classic

Remasters and remakes in gaming are pretty hot right now. What is old is new again. You get a classic full game with graphics that are acceptable on HD displays, with tweaks and fixes. You might even possibly get modern features like achievements/trophies and online play. While I love original games too, I am by no means a game designer. However, I know what classics I would like to see get brought back to life. For my first Remaster This, I am calling for a Suikoden remaster.

The first two games in the Suikoden series on PS1 are considered among the top of the that consoles gaming library and some of the best classic JRPGs of all time. Konami would certainly benefit from a remaster.

The Story

What is the story? Here is a brief synposis from the Suikoden Wikia…

“Set in a fantasy world resembling feudal China, Suikoden is the first and founding game of the series. The Scarlet Moon Empire has been peaceful since the Succession Wars, 15 years earlier, at least in the capital city of Gregminster. Outlying areas report heavy taxation, exploitation by imperial troops and general discontent. While small mobs have lashed out, there has been no real resistance to the Empire, though rumors speak of a small Liberation Army. ”

At the time of its release, Final Fantasy was starting to gain ground in popularity in the United States. In turn, a lot of great turn based RPGs were released in the States for PS1. One of those was this classic game. My friends and I have lots of memories discovering all of the secrets this game had to offer. There is over 100 characters and an intriguing battle system.

Suikoden Rereleases and Versions

The game was remade on Playstation Portable in Japan and looks very nice. It would be nice if we could get perhaps this version ported and upgraded to consoles. The remake did not sell well, but I think making it a PSP exclusive was a huge mistake and perhaps why it didn’t sell well.

Features I would like to see…

  • Upgraded visuals that look decent on HD displays.
  • Trophies & Achievements
  • Released for Steam PC, Sony Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.
  • That awesome soundtrack remastered on vinyl.
  • Anime or Manga?

Want to Play the Original?

If you want to play the original in English, and don’t have access to the disc on PS1, you can purchase it on the PSN store as a PS1 Classic. I’m afraid that is about the only availability of this game. While its acceptable, I feel that limiting this game to one or two system in one or two regions is why the game and the sequels may not have fared as well. It is time to give this series what it has always deserved.

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