Great Wrestling Signs Held At Events

One important aspect of a wrestling show is the audience. Just like in the Royal Rumble 2018, the audience can help make or break a show. One of the more fun aspects of this people watching affair is the creativity they put into their wrestling signs. Here are some more wrestling signs for you.

Flippity Flip

Hey, at least she is upfront about what she wants. She obviously wants punches thrown instead of a gymnastic exhibition. Am I right?

Sheng Long

Major props for the somewhat obscure-ish Street Fighter reference. A bravo to you, sir! Here is the screen capture from that classic video game.

Unleash It!

This sign has appeared on many “Failed” blogs but I disagree. Maybe he is a furry and he is trying to unleash that side. Maybe it is hard for him to be true to himself and this was the first time he went public. Hey, we don’t judge on this blog. You do you bro…


Well, I’m not one to kink shame but there are better places to find someone to do that for you than a wrestling event, is all I am saying.


………….. Damn………

My Personal Favorite

This is my personal favorite sign. We remember the Batista / Bootista comeback of 2013 that failed on almost all levels. Lot of great signs came out of that brief era including this fantastic one.

Personally, Batista makes a better Drax the Destroyer than WWE Champion, but maybe that is just me.

Here Comes the Money

It is true. In fact, here is a wonderful YouTube video I found of Shane McMahon jumping and falling off of things for your enjoyment.

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