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Weird Vintage Comic Book Covers

I love vintage comic book covers. They are clickbait before clickbait ever existed and essentially ruined our lives. Some are just way too awesome for words. Seriously, what is going on here?

That’s Not How That Works…

In fairness, I feel that way after reading a good book.

Of course, if anyone can Photoshop the following book into NOT Gorilla Grodd’s hands, that’d make 2018 a winner.

What’s Wrong?

I don’t get what this guy’s problem is with all the passengers. This is pretty much how all public transportation looks like nowadays. I mean, they are minding their own business. The lady in the front is reading today’s paper for goodness sake.

Daddy Principal

No, this isn’t a cover to a fan fiction or something I found on Deviantart. This is a real comic cover. Because you can’t get enough of Daddy Dom already…

Today’s Episode of Kal-El is a Dick

It wouldn’t be a classic collection of comic book covers without Superman or Superboy being a total dick. Today we got Superboy making sure that guy who being a dick to a guy who is totally not Robin Hood.


Wow, amazing, this is possibly one of the more insane comic covers I have seen. What is a dream man contest?


Now, the only real lady to get that kind of reaction out of me would be Lana Parrilla aka Queen Regina from Once Upon a Time. :: makes dorky tiger paw motion :: Maybe that is who this comic is about? P.S. I’m an idiot and I’m sorry in advance.



My reaction was basically this:

Yeah, there has to be a better way to say that entire phrase, Cookie aka “The Most Hilarious Kid.”


Hey, this is a comic book I actually want. The Punisher and old school Archie? HELL TO THE YEAH!


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