Okilly Dokilly the Ned Flanders Themed Band is the Deepest Part of Metal

This is The Deepest Part. A column where I explore what I feel is the Deepest Part of a Topic or even an obscure internet community. In this edition I am covering a metal band you have to listen to at least once in your life. It is a band you didn’t even know you wanted. It is the Ned Flanders themed Okilly Dokilly.

The Discovery of Okilly Dokilly

You see, every week, on Spotify, I get a Discover Weekly playlist where they review what I listen to and they make 30 suggestions. I listen to them, and this curious song and image popped up…

Okilly Dokilly

Now, being an avid Simpsons fan, whenever I hear the phrase “White Wine Spritzer” I think of this classic moment on The Simpsons.

I look up the band on the interwebs and discover that indeed, they are a Ned Flanders themed metal band. Here is all the introduction you need…

White Wine Spritzer and Other Forms of Art

The song itself sort of falls under the category of Metalcore and Deathcore. Really may not be for everyone. Honestly, though, if you are looking for the full Led Zeppelin-esque experience out of a band that is about Ned Flanders, you have come to the wrong place. It is as simple as that.

Now here is what I truly feel is some post-modern art…

Here is a song I want sung at my 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration…

Do They Tour?

I found out that they did indeed went on a tour and everything. I hope they come back sometime so I can see how awesome that is.

Now, who would be on that bill? Why none other than Mac Sabbath!

“Who’s Mac Sabbath?”

Okay, one image sums up my reaction to that further discovery…

This has definitely been The Deepest Part of Metal and The Deepest Part of the Internet.

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