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Remembering 20 Years of Xenogears

On this day 20 years ago in Japan, Xenogears was released. 8 months later, it was released in America. So this has been roughly 20 years of this Squaresoft JRPG classic. Today we celebrate that here on Geek With That.

Xenogears follows protagonist Fei Fong Wong and several other freedom fighters. Facing issues such as slavery, war, and prejudice, they must fight back a corrupt system on their war-torn planet and uncover the truths behind mysterious forces operating in their world, using the powers of giant fighting robots known as Gears.

My brother and I played a lot of this game growing up. They then went on to make a number of prequels for the PS2 in the Xenosaga series.

Memorable Moment

There is a particularly memorable scene I recall straight out of the classic movie, Soylent Green…

Xenogears: The Fans and Memories

I asked around social media for what their memories of Xenogears was, here are a few responses…

I think that it was a masterpiece. Granted, the second half got bogged down in a massive narrative. It was one with an extremely rewarding payoff if you paid attention and went through it. The soundtrack was great. The characters were memorable.” – Takhiin (Follow GamesWithTakhilin’s Twitch Stream, and get alerts on his Facebook and Twitter social media).


“I played it so much. Xenogears was a very epic game. The only flaw is in disc 2 when they just have minutes of text go by, but this game still holds up as one of the greatest RPGs of all time.” – FlareHolyMeteo


“It’s one of the true Squaresoft masterpieces right up there with the likes of Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and Final Fantasy 7. It’s one of the titles that made me a life long JRPG fan.” – Jon Snedden.

How to Play it Now


The most ideal legal way to play it now on modern TV displays is on a PS3 system. You can do this either by disc or purchasing as a PS1 classic in the store. You can also play it Playstation Vita and if you have a Playstation TV.

I think it would be nice if Square Enix released this on Steam PC and modern consoles. Enhance it slightly with a better screen resolution and achievements/trophies. Do you agree?

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