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10 of the Most Iconic Video Game Themes

Video Game Themes and the soundtracks have touched my very soul for 30 years of my life now. I remember loading that Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt cartridge in my Nintendo Entertainment System for the first time and hearing that song for the first time. So I wanted to create a list of Video Game Themes that I feel are iconic.

The rule I applied for this is one song per game series. So it won’t be too heavy on one game series. If anyone has more ideas for video game lists including but not limited to soundtracks, let me know in the comments or on social media.

Honorable Mention

First, before we get into the 10 I picked out, I wanted to give an honorable mention to a song that was in a movie based on a video game. A song that was waaaayyy better than the movie itself, I am talking about the theme to the 1990s Mortal Kombat Movies


As far as memorable video game soundtracks, this is the song that kind of started it all. It was in the original Tetris game in the 1970s, and still lives on to this day. There has been hundreds of variations on this addicting game and just as many on this ear worm for a reason.

Metal Gear Solid: Encounter

Whenever you heard this theme in any of the Metal Gear Solid games, that is when you know shit just hit the fan and it is about to get real. Definitely fits the panicked nature of getting caught in what I feel is the best stealth video game series of all time.

Doom Level 1 Theme

It was the early to mid 90s, and there hadn’t quite been a game like the original Doom. As soon as you went through the painstaking process of getting this installed on an old DOS PC, you fired up the game. You had no idea what to expect. Then this amazing and catchy song comes on the first level. Get ready for the ride of your life.

Then, over 20 years later, we did it again with another amazing game and soundtrack in the 4th Doom game recently. How ID software constantly reinvents themselves while also not ignoring what made their games great, I will never know.

F-Zero: Mute City Theme

This song is burned into my ears. I almost like the song more than I like the F-Zero games themselves (which are great in their own respect, that statement is just a testament to the amazing timeless soundtrack).

I also have to admit, the version in Super Smash Bros Melee is pretty damn amazing trip too…

Sonic Adventure 2: City Escape Theme

I struggled with this one on a personal level. Most of the Sonic games, if nothing else, will always have a great soundtrack. Some will argue that Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1 is more iconic. However, for me, the song that my head still plays is the first level from the campaign in Sonic Adventure 2. It still sticks out in my head. It is kind of borderline ridiculous, but it is so catchy. This meme sums it up.

Do you disagree with this? What are your thoughts? Do you think Green Hill Zone should have been chosen? Maybe there is another Sonic song not even considered that you think got snubbed. Let us know on social media or in the comments.

Dr Mario: Chill Music

Nintendo puzzle games always seem to have this soundtrack thing figured out. There was just something mesmerizing about the game Dr. Mario, and half of it was because of the amazing soundtrack. Both theme songs in the original game are really catchy, but this is the one that hypnotized me the most.

Chrono Trigger: Theme

Chrono Trigger is one of the top RPGs of all time. It doesn’t get much love from Square Enix for some strange reason, but this game and Chrono Cross deserve a Steam and modern console HD remaster. Then there needs to be a sequel.

When you heard this song, you knew you were in for a hell of an adventure. They just don’t make them video game music and video games like this anymore, folks.

Final Fantasy VII: One Winged Angel

Imagine it is the year 1997. Final Fantasy VII had just come out. You went through 34 or so hours plugging away through all 3 discs. You finally come face to face with Sephiroth, one of the most iconic villains in video game history. You defeat the first form. You barely made it (if you didn’t grind out your levels). Then he rises up for a SECOND FORM. Aww crap! Not only that, but this song hits your television speakers. It was fitting for what at the time was definitely an epic battle.

Now, many later on people leveled up their characters to level 99. Then they upped their Materia for Knights of the Round. However, if you hadn’t done that, I could argue both ways are satisfying experiences. This song is probably my favorite video game song of all time in the extensive library of awesome Final Fantasy songs.

Super Mario Bros Level 1-1 Theme

This is probably the most iconic and most recognizable video game song. It is for a damn good reason to. It is very catchy. Even some people who have never played a video in their life might recognize this song. It definitely has earned its place in pop culture history.

Legend of Zelda: Overworld Theme

I went with this as the last one because while Super Mario Bros Level 1-1 Theme is more recognizable, this song probably falls in a close 2nd for most recognizable, but, in my heart, its my favorite. You knew you were on the epic journey of a lifetime back in the 80s when you heard the sweet sounds of this song.

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