These Are NOT the Best Wrestling Action Figures Including Lita

If you grew up as a wrestling fan, there is a chance you had some wrestling action figures. Heck, if you are an adult, there is still a chance you collect wrestling action figures. I wouldn’t call all of them winner, so to speak. Of course, here are some more awkwardly bad wrestling action figures. You are not going to believe what they did to WWE Hall of Famer, Lita.

“The Wild Man” Marc Mero

Marc Mero had an interesting career in WCW and WWE. In WCW he played the sexually ambiguous Johnny B Badd. Then, in WWE he was the Wild Man till a really crippling knee injury took him out for awhile. After he recovered, he became a boxing character known as Marvelous Marc Mero.

Did you know that Marc Mero, in his post WWE career, has went on to find success as a motivational speaker? He speaks to children across the country. Good on him.

One day they’ll likely make his ex-wife Sable a WWE Hall of Famer. As for him, I don’t see it happening.


Hey, at least we got an action figure from his mullet days where it looks like he’s about to do something really naughty. What secrets are you hiding Wild Man?


Lita is one of the greatest women in WWE History. The term WWE likes to throw out is “trailblazer.” For her, it definitely applies.

So take a look at this crazy Lita action figure.

You know, with the women’s revolution, it would be nice if future action figures of women don’t all feature awkward orgasm face. Also, the hand is the size of her head. Did you know that Lita is also apparently jaundice?

Brutus “the Barber” Beefcake

Brutus Beefcake is best known for being a friend of Hulk Hogan and that’s about it. His gimmick was looking at you like he snorted 3 lines of cocaine while he cut your hair. What I hear about wrestling in the 80s, that’s probably not far off.

So they made these action figures of Brutus Beefcake and upped the amount of cocaine in his system, apparently.

Hulk Hogan

Okay, Hulk Hogan needs no introduction. Just look at this creepy ass action figure.

His eyes lock onto you and you’re like captivated. What does he want? What does he yearn for?


Triple H

Triple H was a controversial star during his days as a full time star. Then when he went into semi-retirement, he became celebrated for how he runs NXT.

He has a very expressive face. This figure captures his most constipated look he could possibly give. The question he is asking “WHEN WILL THIS NIGHTMARE END?!”

Grand Master Sexay aka Brian Christopher

Brian Christopher had major success in the independent wrestling scene in the early 90s, but had trouble finding footing initially in WWE. That was until we became Grand Master Sexay in the tag team, Too Cool. They were a staple of the Attitude Era, for sure.

So naturally, when you make a figure of Grand Master Sexay, you give him duckface.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin is the other wrestler in this list that needs no introduction.

Seriously guys, WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS FACE?! It is a slap in face when they have a picture of what he looks like on the figure itself, ya know?

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