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Funny Comic Panels Including Judge Dredd

Funny comic book panels, some of which are taken out of context, are one of my favorite things. In this edition of this column, we have several including one from a criminally underrated franchise, Judge Dredd. If you find any panels, let us know in the comments or on social media.

That’s Not How That Works

Usually with professional women it is “AND” not “OR”… I don’t think she’s getting this date thing right.

He’s the Fastest Thing Alive

Rule #48 of the Internet: Make sure to have safe search turned on before you Google for Images of Sonic the Hedgehog unless you want to have your innocence shattered…


He must have seen my bank account…

What the F is up with The Flintstones These Days?

Oh okay, well, we are just going to casually drop that into conversation. Sounds good!

Judge Dredd Speaking the Truth

In this panel, Judge Dredd is me explaining to my Grandma why people are eating laundry detergent

Star Wars Truth

Summing up Star Wars in a nutshell

Bingo on Wonder Woman

I expect nothing less from Wonder Woman…

My reaction gif:

Kids These Days

Here is a panel where everything is probably best left unsaid.

My reaction to this…

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