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5 Poor Spider-Man Toy Designs

Spider-Man is one of the most beloved Superheroes of our time. Made his start in comic Amazing Fantasy #15 and had went on to be in movies, cartoons, TV, video games, and of course, lots of toys. Here are 5 of them that I don’t think were really thought through, perhaps a poor design idea.

Swing and Sling Spider-Man

This Spider-Man’s arms are almost down to his feet. You could say he is armed to the teeth.

Spider-Man Web Shooters

Web-Shooters are cool but this is basically a silly string gun. Imagine if you got this gift for your niece or nephew how happy your sibling would be with you. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING.

This is the guy pitching the idea…

Beach Spider-Man

For when Peter wants to totally chill out with a bag of Funions and play some hacky sack. This is really Broseph Spider-Man. He’s like totally excellent and stuff.

Fists of Fury Spider-Man

This is more like Spa Day Spider-Man. Relax with a facial, a pedicure, then steam in the sauna after your massage. Hey, if you know the life of Peter Parker, he deserves it. Maybe the reason the toy is named that is because he goes to the spa after a long day of fisting in furious ways.

Banana WTF IS THIS?!

HOLY HELL! WHAT HAPPENED HERE! This is definitely a thing you can not unsee. It is an actual real toy too that you can buy. Don’t believe me? Here is the link:

What is worse is that it costs over 100 dollars.



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