5 Terrible Wrestling Characters and Gimmicks

Wrestling used to be known for its crazy gimmicks. Watching the WWE Network you can find all sorts of crazy characters. Many of which were barely a blip on the radar. However, may their legacy live on. Here are 5 terrible wrestling gimmicks.

The Berserker

Vikings are awesome. However, the wrestling viking known as the Bezerker, not awesome. He said “HUSS” and tried to win by count out because… reasons. He actually started a feud with The Undertaker in the summer of 1992 before the creative team realized that it was terrible. They replaced him with Kamala.

See, if you want to do Vikings right, you need to be like the Viking Death Metal Band, Amon Amarth. To those vikings, I raise my horns…


The Mantaur

The mid 90s during The New Generation era was a treasure trove of bad gimmicks and this ranks up there.

The Mantaur was in the wrong business. He should have not been wrestling. He should have been playing guitar for GWAR, quite honestly.

Isaac Yankem DDS

Dentist by day, wrestler by night, Isaac Yankem DDS had it all going for him on his debut. However, he just never quite caught on even with a high profile feud with Bret the Hitman Hart at Summerslam of all events.

I have a strong feeling that things turned out okay for the performer who played Isaac Yankem DDS.

Buff Bagwell & Scotty Riggs… The American Males

What were the American Males? I actually don’t know. They were American and Males… they wore sunglasses and male stripper outfits. Scotty Riggs had All American Mullet. Buff Bagwell had pecs and bicpets. That was pretty much the extent of their character. Honestly, these guys win for the BEST theme song ever. Oh my god this thing is so ridiculous that I love it.


Tugboat was a big man who dressed like a sailor and went “TOOT TOOT!” because only god knows why.

That was the extent of his amazing character. He aligned himself with Hulk Hogan also and encouraged the little Hulkters to write get well letters to Hogan while he was injured. Did I mention that a grown man with a mullet and sailor hat went “TOOT TOOT?!”

Tugboat was played by Fred Ottman. Sadly, this wasn’t even Fred Ottman’s worst gimmick, but that is for another edition of this column.

Here is a custom fan made music video (aka titantron) showing off the very best moments of Tugboat.

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