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Shining Resonance Refrain is Coming

Sega has announced that the first game in the Shining series in 10 years will be released outside of Japan. Of course, I am talking about Shining Resonance Refrain.

There are has been recently a Renaissance on the PC as of late. Classic and new JRPGs have been released on Steam and modern consoles and they are seeing some success. Granted, the popularity of these type of games, on an international level, are not what they were in the 1990s. There is a strong following that is building back up thanks to these re-releases. I think one series that has needed to make a comeback is Shining Force. Hopefully, with Shining Resonance Refrain, this is just the start.

What is Shining Force?

“The land of Rune, in the kingdom of Guardiana, has been at peace for centuries, until the hordes of Runefaust attack. Now, the evil forces of Runefaust are spotted near the Gate of the Ancients. As a young swordsman of Guardiana, find out what Runefaust is after, stop their ambition, and bring back peace to the land of Rune. The fate of the world depends on the Shining Force and you.”

The original Shining Force was a tactical RPG much in the same vein as games like Fire Emblem or the classic Final Fantasy Tactics. Sort of like an RPG version of chess.

Shining Force

In recent years, they have only released the Shining games in Japan. No translation. Nothing. Part of it was due to the lack of success of the Playstation 2 games, which were vastly different from the original Shining Force games. This lead to a campaign from Shining Force fans for the series to return to its roots, which backfired due to a mistranslation on intent.

Shining Force has even see it return to its roots with tactical RPGs. Those of us outside of Japan have not been able to experience that if we didn’t import and it also helps if you read and speak Japanese. Meanwhile, tactical RPG games like Fire Emblem and XCOM have seen a huge success internationally.

Another Note

On another note, I am proud that the first game the Geek from will be streaming on Twitch is the Shining Force series. I plan on tackling the first game in the series along with hopes of doing some of the sequels and possibly even Shining Resonance Refrain. Follow me on Twitch and while you’re at it check out on Twitter and Facebook for Stream announcements.

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