5 Sega Genesis / Megadrive Hidden Gems

Today, the multiple console choices we have mostly have the same library of games for each of them save for a few exclusives here and there. However, in the days of Sega vs. Nintendo in the 16 bit era, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Genesis or Sega Megadrive, as it was known in Europe, each had a very different library of games.

Sometimes, they would even have the same game title but have it be a completely different game (as you will see in this list). I had a Sega Genesis in the day and also had the Sega Channel which was a on demand gaming subscription service in the States. Most people tend to view the Sonic games, Phantasy Star series, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, and the plethora of sports games as some of the top Genesis / Megadrive games.

However, there were also a great number of fantastic unknown gems on the system that people still sort of overlook to this very day. Here are 5 of my favorite more hidden gems on the Sega Genesis / Megadrive.

Disney’s Aladdin

Disney games for the 16 bit era, especially Sega Genesis, had a lot of solid outings. Some of those games include the Mickey Mouse games, Donald Duck, Toy Story, and this specific version of Aladdin. It is very challenging but not unplayable like so many awful licensed games of that era.

On a side note, I think it would be cool to make a new Aladdin game where you to fly a magic carpet and choose your 3 wishes which would impact how the story plays out. What do you think?

Aerobiz Supersonic

“But why is this a game?” is the first question I asked myself when I was presented with Aerobiz Supersonic when I was a young kid. Certainly an Airline Simulator wouldn’t be even remotely fun? Hours later, I was hooked. Why is this a fun game? I honestly don’t know. It is one of those great early simulator games in an era where there weren’t many (Now there are a billion of them on Steam). Schedule flight routes. Manage budgets. Make deals with airports. This game has all you need to simulate running an airline, every kid’s dream come true. Seriously though, it is a lot of fun.

Beyond Oasis / The Story of Thor

What do you get when you cross Legend of Zelda, beat em up-ish combat mechanics, and Prince of Persia art style? You get Beyond Oasis (also known as The Story of Thor). This is easily one of the top RPG-ish games on the Sega Genesis / Megadrive platform.

It also has one of the best soundtracks on the console, just listen to this amazing song:


General Chaos

There hasn’t been many games like General Chaos before or after its released. It is best described as a party couch competitive RTS. Chaos is another great way to describe it. However, it is a lot of silly fun for what it was back in the day.

Rocket Knight Adventures

This is one of the most often overlooked games for the Genesis and Megadrive. It is an action platformer that will have you on the edge of your seat. I think the best thing that separates it from other games in the genre is the easy to pick up, difficult to master jetpack mechanic. You can get up to many platforms, but you have to be careful not to overshoot it.

Here is a Let’s Play from my Twitter pal, RetroGamingDev.


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  1. You have again a strong listing of titles. Played lot of Beyond Oasis, and also the saturn sequel Legend of Oasis. Aladdin is great on the genesis, better than snes version. I never played Rocket Knight in the Gen, but they did release a Rocket Knight on the PS3 a while back. And I had tremendous fun with it!

    Thank you again to keep me entertained on the Job ahahah!

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