Was The Booty Man Ed Leslie’s Worst Gimmick? (GimmickSlam #1)

Ed Leslie first got his big break in WWE (WWF) in the 1980s as Brutus Beefcake. He evolved into the successful Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake. In the mid-90s, he jumped over to WCW. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to keep the name or gimmick. So he went through a series of endless characters. In this column series, GimmickSlam, I will dissect one of his characters known as The Booty Man.

The Booty Man the Character

Previously known in WCW as The Butcher, the Zodiac, AND The Man With No Name, now suddenly known as The Booty Man. What was The Booty Man’s gimmick? He loved his butt. He loved to shake his butt. It was all about butt. Hey, I’m all about butts too, just not necessarily my own.

Now a long time hardcore fan might be like “Isn’t that just Billy Gunn’s terrible Mr. Ass character from 1999?”

You are right, and somehow it was actually worse than that character if you can believe that. Mostly because WCW was PG so they couldn’t do an R-Rated gimmick very well. Also, this was because The Booty Man played by the “very meh” Ed Leslie.

Booty Man

The Booty Man Theme Song


Not only did the song sound incredibly corny (yes, it was out of place in the mid 90s too kids), but you have to also check out these really weird lyrics:

“Put your hands together, I’ll show you the way, come and get some booty where the big boys play.”

Man, there’s no way not to take that lyric out of context.

Even if you said the WCW’s slogan was “Where the big boys play” meaning that’s where all the stars were, it is just not the best phrasing without someone making some obvious joke. I think he needs to go to the APA Bar & Grill…

The Booty Man in Action

Ed Leslie was never exactly a ring general, even by 80s and 90s standards. He was competent enough to not injure his opponents, at least. Here he is, taking on another bad character known The Gambler.

The Bambler is a guy wearing a jacket and holding a deck of playing cards. Such thought! Man, they could have done a lot more with that character too. Make him like dress dapper like a high roller or something. But nope, he’s just a guy holding cards so I guess that makes him a gambler or something. Not a very good gambler since he obviously lost his pants in a bet gone wrong.

You will witness The Booty Man’s half assed entrance centered around his ass. You never half-ass your ass. At least Billy Gunn could twerk.

Only Redeemable Quality to the Booty Man: The Booty Babe

The Booty Man, for whatever reason, had a valet. Known as The Booty Babe. She was WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page’s ex-wife, Kimberly Page. She really served no useful purpose but at least she fit the name of The Booty Babe if you catch my drift, unlike Ed Leslie.

She then went on to form The Nitro Girls. The Nitro Girls did dance routines during commercial breaks to keep the crowd hot. Honestly, it wasn’t a terrible idea as I’ve been to a live RAW and SmackDown. Sometimes there is dead air which is something you don’t want in what is essentially supposed to be live theater. Out of all of WCW’s ideas, it falls somewhere in the middle, which isn’t bad because a lot of them fall in the “stupid idea” half.

GimmickSlam Suggestions

There enough characters from Ed Leslie alone to keep this column going but are there are characters from WWE, WCW, Impact, AWA, NWA, Japan, or even the independents you would like featured. Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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