5 of the Worst Wrestlemania Matches

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There has been great matches at Wrestlemania. There has also been some stinkers. However, there has also been some epic stinkers. These are the worst of the absolute worst Wrestlemania matches. Did your least favorite make the list?

5, Wrestlemania 26 – Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon


13 years in the making, right? Bret Hart suffers from concussion-related problems stemming from his days in WCW so he was not allowed to take a bump. That would have been ok if he just beat Vince McMahon in a few minutes and we all would have been happy. Instead, for 14 minutes, Bret Hart and the Hart family just beat Vince McMahon senseless like heels. It was a bit uncomfortable to watch.

4. Triple H vs Randy Orton – WrestleMania 25

In terms of amazing build off to the payoff, this is the worst. At the time, I never thought I would have been invested in yet another Triple H vs. Randy Orton, but the storyline leading up to this even somehow did that. Then we got the match, and it was bland as all hell.

There were two factors:

– Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker had quite possibly the best match in Wrestlemania history just a bit before this match.

– There was a stipulation where if Triple H got DQ’d, he would lose the title. This match really needed to be No Holds Barred which plays to Triple H’s strengths.

3. Brawl For All: Butterbean vs Bart Gunn – WrestleMania 15

The Brawl For All in 1998 was a clusterf*** which killed the WWE career of the legendary WCW/NWA wrestler “Dr Death” Steve Williams. Then, they had a Brawl For All match with the winner of the tournament for some reason taking on a legitimate boxer. This effectively killed the career of Bart Gunn.

2. Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler – WrestleMania 27

Jerry Lawler had a legendary career in professional wrestling. He had great career moments before WWE with Andy Kaufman. Then, in WWE, he had an amazing feud with Bret the Hitman Hart. However, he never had a match at Wrestlemania. So his match for some reason was with Michael Cole.

By the way, Michael Cole was easily one of the most grating heels in WWE History. He is much more suited as a face or neutral.

This match, like Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon, would have been suitable as a 4 minute squash where Jerry Lawler embarrasses Michael Cole. Could have been an entertaining Wrestlemania moment. However, it was a 15 minute clusterfuck for some reason that saw Michael Cole get the win! What the hell happened here?

1. Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar – WrestleMania 20

Given the hype between these two guys, this match was terrible. They literally stalled… and stalled… and stalled. It is one thing if two wrestlers wrestle a bad match even after putting in an honest effort (the other 4 matches in this list). However, two of the most celebrated WWE Superstars of all time didn’t even try. They were both leaving WWE the next day and they just didn’t care at all. It showed. Even Stone Cold Steve Austin as special guest referee couldn’t save this match.

Their match at Wrestlemania 33 was the polar opposite of this match and is what should have happened at Wrestlemania 20.

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