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5 Hidden Sony Playstation 1 Gems

Remember the days of starting up your Playstation and getting greeted with this amazing sequence?

Honestly, it still puts all of the others to shame if you ask me. Playstation 1 had some fantastic games, many of which still play well till this day if you can get past that some of the graphics don’t look quite as sharp (there are ways around this either through a HD Remaster, a PS3, or an emulator). Some great gems include 8 of the first 9 Final Fantasy games, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Twisted Metal, Tomb Raider, and so many classic JRPG games.

There are many many other games that are not as well known but exceedingly still good till this day. Here are 5 Hidden Playstation 1 Gems just right off the top of my head…


The first game on this list from Squaresoft is their great PS1-style take on the classic Shoot Em Up style of games like Gradius. This is a great game to pick up, play, and burn off some nervous energy shooting at literally anything that moves.

Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve is a highly underrated mash up of Survival Horror meets RPG. It has a very compelling story regarding topics such as Evolution and Mutation. It also a rather interesting, albeit a little quirky soundtrack. I played through this game after it came out and it was one of my favorite experiences. There was a sequel that went full blown Resident Evil style that people also love. However, for me, personally, I will always love some Parasite Eve.

Ehrgeiz – God Bless the Ring

It was sort of a 3D Fighting meets Power Stone meets wrestling game. It also had some Final Fantasy VII characters in it such as Tifa Lockheart. You could pit Cloud against Sephiroth as many times as you want. Plus it had a quest. It was a lot of fun, especially against your friends.

A lot of people also mention the Quest mode being undeniable in this game. Do you have any memories of this game?

This is another Squaresoft gem which their games were off the charts during the PS1 era, weren’t they?

Um Jammer Lammy

PaRappa the Rapper 1 & 2 were recently released for the PS4 Digital Store. It was a ground breaking rhythm game that was unlike anything that had been released at the time. I’m not even the biggest fan of that particular genre but I love the soundtrack.

There was another game in the series that was released that never received nearly as much love, Um Jammer Lammy. Think PaRappa, but with a guitarist (pre Guitar Hero/Rock Band days). For instance, the game had a 2 player mode and remixes of the the first PaRappa game. However, Um Jammer Lammy was a lot more difficult though and that may have been what turned people away. It is fun and as an older rocker myself, I appreciate this game.

Vandal Hearts

I love tactical or strategy Role Playing Games. Games such as Fire Emblem, Shining Force, or XCOM. One hidden gem in the Playstation 1 catalog that fits that mold is Vandal Hearts. Definitely a fun experience to say the least. I recall fond memories of my friends and I staying up at a buddy’s house trying to strategize our way through some of the games more difficult battles. (Remember trying to keep the cursed villager’s alive?)

There was also a sequel on PS1 and a revival of sorts for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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