Immortal is Black Metal’s Greatest Gift to the Internet

Who is Immortal? Well, according to this brief description from the Know Your Meme Website, “Immortal is a Norwegian black metal band formed in 1989. As a subgenre of metal, black metal is characterized by extremely fast tempos, double-kick pedals, and tremolo picking. Various black metal bands have been known to wear face paint (AKA corpse paint) in their performances, although this is not exclusive to black metal.”

They had released the album Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism in 1992, along with a bizarre music video for their single “The Call of the Wintermoon.” Years later with the rise of the internet, they have become one of the greatest gifts not only to the metal scene, but the internet in general.

Here is the legendary video:

Apparently it was met with much criticism. I only see a marvelous work of post-modernism. Screw you people who hate Immortal!

Their videos afterwards were only slightly better. Here is Blashykh:

This was from 8 years ago. Slightly better production values but still insane:

Of course, this band does not entirely take themselves too seriously, which I think is what makes them awesome. So we get lot of Immortal material from them. In two forms… videos and photoshops/image macros.

Immortal Images:

This one is recent and possibly the best

Here is one that is definitely an oldie but a goodie…

This one is heartwarming:

Then you have Immortal just being their awesome frosted selves in London. England is the birthplace of metal, anyway…


Somehow, the Call of the Wintermoon video seems to go with just about any song for some reason. For instance, here is Call of the Wintermoon played with the great rock classic, “My Sharona”…

It is not all audioswaps for Immortal videos. Sometimes there are also a few great fan made videos such as this parody of Miley Cyrus…

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