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Is Hooters Road Trip a better version of Cruis’n USA for PS1?

Cruis’n USA is one of the more celebrated titles that was released on Nintendo 64 and the Arcade. Perhaps it is best known for its soundtrack and charm. While it did get blasted by critics at the time of its release, it seemed to withstand the head. I think this was partly due to the fact there were less than a dozen games for the Nintendo 64 available at the time. When consulting the retrogaming community on Twitter, I was pointed out to a similar hidden gem on the Playstation 1, Hooters Road Trip.

The Game

First, I want to note something about the title screen

As for the game, it actually pretty decent. Critics hated this game but it controls better than Cruis’n USA in terms of the cars crazy handling. There is also a decent amount of unlockables and modes. There might actually be more content in this game than Cruis’n USA was, since that was just an arcade game anyway.

The only major criticism I have for the game is the music. It sounds like it was recorded by these guys:

If you don’t know who they are, all I did was Google “Skid Row Tribute Band” and their faces popped up. All I heard in my time of playing was 2 songs that were the same 6 notes over and over again. It is very repetitive. If you can’t tune it out, you might want to stay away from this game.

The game is HEAVILY CRITICIZED. But it seems I’m in a minority of those who enjoy it.

Hooters the Franchise Opinions

If you do not like Hooters for obvious reasons, this game will not change your mind. This is what you get greeted with if you win 1st place:

Very incredibly cheesy if you ask me. Can you get any more blatant than that? It is really like playing a semi-fun game but also in your head an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 will happen while you play.

So to answer the headline’s question…

No… it is not better than Cruis’n USA, but its still has its own unique charms.

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