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Funny Iron Man & Captain America Comic Book Panels With No Context

We are on the Road to Avengers: Infinity War! Are you pumped? Let us all hope that this movie lives up to the unbelievably high expectations. Funny comic book panels, some of which are taken out of context, are one of my favorite things. In this edition of this column, we have several including one from two of the big stars in Avengers: Infinity War… Iron Man and Captain America.

If you find any panels, let us know in the comments or on social media.

Something Solid…

Hey, sometimes we could all just use that in our lives…

Jesus dude! Phrasing!

Oh man… This Iron Man quote is pretty freaking cringe as hell…

Most of all, can I ask when did Iron Man become Charles Boyle from Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

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What the hell happened here? What did they do to Captain America’s face?

How to Solve Problems the Captain America Way

BOOM! Steve Rogers was just showing how it is done, son!


When you use your phone camera and it is the front facing camera…

Well that escalated quickly…

Wow, Captain America went straight from zero to shooting up his friend with “syrum” in like a few seconds. Apparently our Star Spangled hero is a pusher…

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