5 of the Best Wrestlemania Moments

What is a Wrestlemania Moment? There has been great moments in Wrestlemania history. Who can forget some classics like when Shawn Michaels kicked out of The Undertaker’s Tombstone and the look of shock on The Undertaker’s face. Who can forget when Shawn Michaels said “I’m sorry, I love you.” Here are 5 other Wrestlemania Moments that I loved. Did your favorite make the list?

Daniel Bryan, Wrestlemania 30

I can not tell you the pure emotion fans felt in the build from the prior Summerslam all the way to Wretlemania 30. It was a long journey with much emotion and heartache. The fans voices who they wanted in the main event of Wrestlemania. We had the Royal Rumble disaster where Daniel Bryan wasn’t even in it. It even looked like Daniel Bryan may not even wrestle at Wrestlemania. Then, one episode, Daniel Bryan had the fans come in and Occupy Raw. We got one of the greatest moments leading up to a Wrestlemania, and then were treated to the one of the most amazing payoffs in Wrestlemania history.


Miss Elizabeth and Randy Savage Reunited (Wrestlemania VII)

Wrestlemania VII was a rather lacklustre show save for one amazing moment. Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth reunited after Savage’s career “ended” in an amazing 40 minute match with The Ultimate Warrior. People in the audience were literally crying from how touching this moment. Savage may have lost the match, but he came out a winner in the eyes of the audience.

Edge & Mick Foley through a Flaming Table (Wrestlemania 22)

Mick Foley had a legendary career from Hell in a Cell to Mr Socko, he did it all. The one thing he did not do though was have a Wrestlemania classic. That was until Wrestlemania 22 when he had a barn burner of a match with Edge. It ended with one of the most iconic scenes in Wrestlemania history when Edge speared Mick Foley through a flaming table.

Icon vs. Icon (Wrestlemania X8)

Hulk Hogan has been the subject of much controversy over the years, especially recently. However, having acknowledged that, I will also acknowledge how awesome the Wrestlemania moment was when The Rock and Hulk Hogan finally went head to head in the ring. In the end, I screamed for joy when The Rock finally pinned Hulk Hogan, and the torch from one generation to the other.

Hulk Hogan slams Andre the Giant (Wrestlemania III)

Again, Hogan remains the subject of controversy even today but the moment when Hogan slammed Andre is forever etched into history. Like it or not, this is the moment that defined the phrase “Wrestlemania Moment.”

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