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Jurassic Strike Force 5 is Awesomely Silly. Must read!

Sometimes it is hard to find a comic book in an endless variety of choices. There is so many comics and it is hard to know where to begin. I review some when I get a chance and one amazing book I discovered is Jurassic Strike Force 5. I literally picked it up because of the cover…

Look at that awesomeness right there folks. It is a humanoid dinosaur. The T-Rex is in some sort of intergalactic suit carrying a freaking lazer sword. Not even 10 year old me could dream up something a premise so ridiculous but awesome at the same time. It really hit a lot of notes with me. I had to read it.

The Plot of Jurassic Strike Force 5

The premise is that Dinosaurs ruled the planet 165 million years ago until aliens ran experiments on them. Then they were frozen underground. That was until the United States Military accidentally stumbled upon them, freeing Zelek. Zelek is one bad dude. Bro hasn’t even taking a sip of water and he starts spouting this crazy stuff:

Sounds familiar…

Nah, doesn’t ring a bell…

The military then just goes yeah “Oh yeah, well, I told that teacher lady the only letters I need to know are U S A” and then they just fire immediately without a moments thought.

Their weapons are useless of course. Zelek is all like “Take me to your leader” which of course means AMERICA, FUCK YEAH is the leader. Zelek, who has been imprisoned for 165 million years says this…

Damn, apparently Zelek had internet or some shit in their underground imprisonment because this man has knowledge that WMDs even exist.

Wait, hold up, I’ll put myself in the locker…

Don’t worry, because a boy named Tyler finds some dinosaurs in tubes because reasons. Ladies and gentlemen, meet our heroes of the story:

Alright! Superhero pose down, fools!

In Conclusion and Where to Read

There are plenty of issues you can read and honestly, it is very entertaining if you try not to think about it too hard. I mean, its dinosaurs with light sabers so you get exactly what you should expect from such a fun but pretty silly concept. I loved it.

You can get Jurassic Strike Force 5 on Comixology either by purchasing individually or you can sign up for Comixology Unlimited. It is also available as part of the Comic Blitz subscription service.

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