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Weird Video Game Adaptations that Completely Missed The Point

There are two things that don’t go together well… video games and adaptations. Most of us are resigned to the fact that movies based on video games don’t really work. Well, the reverse is generally true too. That is, video games based on movies also don’t work. I think designers just miss the point or just trying to shove out the game in time for release. Here are 5 Video Game Adaptations that missed the point of the source material.

However, rather than say “That sucks” and nothing else. I have offered my take on what a good game based on the source material should be. Always try to be a part of the solution, people.

5. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

For some reason the Home Alone games are platform games that you can barely move around in and for some reason you are avoiding hazards and adults? AWFUL! But why? Why did they do this?

How an Actual Home Alone Game Should Be: Now think what a cool Home Alone video game would be. You set a plan and booby traps for the robbers then try to lead them through it and either of you survive. Could even be an online game. Like a PG Friday the 13th.

4. Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit (SNES)

Out of all of the video game adaptations and the possibilities, why did they make a game about a Sitcom? Second question, why did the game have absolutely nothing to do with the series?

How an Actual Home Improvement Game Should Be: Honestly, this would be best on Steam like Surgeon Simulator or PC Building Simulator. You try to do simple home improvements with ridiculously overpowered power tools. Cause chaos. Lose a thumb. Go nuts! MORE POWAH!!!!

3. Blues Brothers (SNES)

Why oh why did they make a Blues Brothers game in the first place? Worse yet, why does it have barely anything to do with the Blues Brothers?

How an Actual Blues Brothers Game Should Be: I’m not really sure. I’m a bit stumped but my honest best guess would either make it a zany driving game (see the car chase scene). The other option is to do a Blues-based rhythm game would be really cool. You would have an amazing soundtrack of Blues classics. Maybe not with plastic instruments ala Rock Band, just make it with Parappa the Rapper style controls. Simple. Cheap. A nice throwback.

2. Journey Escape (Atari 2600)

One of my favorite bands of all time is Journey. However, they do not need a video game about trying to escape backstage from groupies. What the hell is this shit?

How an Actual Journey Game Should Be: Being a big Journey fan, I know most of their albums have the Journey Beetle on it.

You could make an awesome shoot em up or space shooter with that beetle. Like Ikaruga or Galaga or a mashup of those type of games. No need to get cute with it. Just make it kick butt!

1. Superman 64

This game is notoriously considered one of the worst video games of all time. It is awkward flying through rings simulator. The Superman game we never wanted. Really, is there a Superman game we want?

How an Actual Superman Game Should Be: How about a Telltale-ish game where you are faced with impossible choices? Was the price of Superman defending Metropolis worth all the collateral damage? Does Superman kill one to save the many? It is all about moral choices and I think that would make a decent Superman game.


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