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Lady Death: Oblivion Kiss is Pure F’n Metal

I am going to confess my inner conflict. I’m a meta lhead and I’ve always wanted to check out Brian Pulido’s Lady Death. He is a fellow metal head and this character has had quite a following for almost 20 years now. My hesitation has been one thing…

She basically wears no clothes. To me that just comes across as kind of cheesy. Not going to lie. However, I decided to finally give it a chance after signing up for a trial with ComicBlitz is a Netflix for Comics like subscription service for some great independent comics (ie. No Marvel or DC). A few issues of Lady Death are included. Hot damn! So I read Lady Death: Oblivion Kiss.

Lady Death: Oblivion Kiss Review

Okay, I have to admit, Lady Death’s outfit is over the top nonsense (not practical in the least bit). However, those beasts on the cover are pure freaking metal, baby.

As I was reading this book, I have to admit, I found it entertaining. Lot of dark religious themes and there is a power struggle in Hell. It kind of reminded of watching Game of Thrones with the fun storytelling, dark themes, graphic violence, and, yes, lots of boobs. If none of that appeals to you or you have a moral conflict with that, this is not the book for you.

Here was an awesome panel of Lady Death tearing things up in hell…

Not necessarily high brow, such as this dialog exchange for instance…

In Conclusion

This comic doesn’t have a wide appeal. I certainly recommend it to anyone who likes dark religious themes, heavy metal, or cult or horror movies.  It has all of the things that make those kinds of work of art “great” (“Great” = Relative term). I love all of that. Once I got past my initial hesitation, I ended up loving the book. It has a pretty sizeable fanbase too.

Obviously, if the hyper over sexualization of the female form offends you (and I’m not even going to defend that. That is, indeed, what is going on in this book), steer clear of Lady Death. There are plenty of other excellent comic books out there though that you can put your money behind.

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