Remember The Shark aka Earthquake (John Tenta) from WCW? GimmickSlam #2

John Tenta received his big break in WWE as Earthquake. He had a headlining feud with Hulk Hogan and held the WWE Tag Team Titles with his partner Typhoon. Word is he was one of the nicer guys you could meet in real life in professional wrestling. However, when he went to WCW, things worked out a little different. First, he started off with almost the exact same gimmick as Avalanche. In fact, WWE noticed this similarity and threatened legal action. So Avalanche was suddenly no more and in comes… THE SHARK!

The Shark

Shark Weak

Now word is that John Tenta truly believed in The Shark gimmick. He believed in it so much he got a tattoo that was of his college mascot (a point of pride for many people), the LSU Tiger, converted into a freaking shark. Poor guy.

So what was The Shark? Why he had shark fangs painted on his face. He had a shark mouth on his tights across his belly. And he held a hand over his head simulating a Shark fin. John Tenta also did what he did best, YELL A LOT.

Here is his amazing debut:

“Biggest Maneater Alive???” You do you John Tenta. You do you.

The Shark in Action

Of course, you got to see the gimmick in action to truly appreciate the mediocrity nature of it… here is wrestling a certain legend you may know as the Man Called. Sting.

Ah yes, John Tenta yelling at the camera for no reason. That was one of the best things he did back in the day, god rest his soul.

You see, there really wasn’t much to remember about The Shark other than that he was a man who claimed without any scientific evidence to prove it. He was quickly forgotten until randomly on an episode of Nitro he went back from being a “Maneater” to just being a plain old Man…

His WCW career sadly ended short after where he was picked up again by WWE in the Attitude Era under the name Golga. We got to see the full on return of Earthquake though at Wrestlemania X-Seven in the Gimmick Battle Royal and John Tenta looked like he was back in his element. At least he had one last day. Unfortunately he passed away sometime ago but I’d like to remember him more for his run as Earthquake rather than as a fish.

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