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4 Hidden Gems of the Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64 marked the beginning of Nintendo’s run of “Quality over Quantity” mentality. This meant fewer games but the games they did release were pretty spectacular. It seems now with the Nintendo Switch they have decided to “Quality AND Quantity” instead which has pleased me to no end. But, I still remember the great days of being an avid Nintendo 64 player.

There were many great classics such as Mario Kart 64, Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, and the AKI Wrestling games such as WWF No Mercy. There isn’t much to dig deep after you get past the certified classics. Still, there are a few hidden gems that not many people know about or at least didn’t play at the time.

Mischief Makers

There were not that many 2D platforming games on the Nintendo 64. The one most people know about is Yoshi’s Story. (A game I absolutely loathed at the time but now kind of like).  The other 2D platformer that is lesser known is Mischief Makers.

This game was developed by the wizards at Treasure, one of the best game developers of all time. Most of their games have a big cult-like following and Mischief Makers is in there.


Tetrisphere is exactly as the title describes. It is the classic puzzle game Tetris, as played on a 3D sphere. It takes a bit to pick up but once you do it can be quite addicting, and easily one of the better puzzle games on the Nintendo 64.

NBA Hangtime

About the only sports games I usually play are either pro wrestling or Arcade sports games. So I’ve always been a fan of games like NBA Jam or NFL Blitz.

One of the most highly celebrated Arcade Sports series is NBA Jam. Having said that, NBA Hangtime, while lesser known, I feel is the best entry in the series. It may not have some of the zaniness of Tournament Edition, but the game plays and looks amazing on the Nintendo 64. I honestly thought this version was better than the revival on the last generation of consoles.

On a non-N64 but NBA Hangtime related note: You can totally play the PS1 version on a PS3 and it looks decent on a High Def TV too.


Conker’s Bad Fur Day

A lot of people seem to remember Conker rather fondly. Having said that, this game did not sell hardly at all when it first came out. This game spawned a whole new take on the game mascot platform genre.

The game was initially going to be another cute platformer but the gaming community harshly criticized early previews. RARE went back to the drawing board. They created this masterpiece which has graphic violence, alcohol use, profanity, a lot of vulgarity. A remake can be found on the OG Xbox. You can also find it on the RARE Replay Collection for Xbox One.

I recently begged Microsoft to make a new Conker game. Of course, Microsoft totally reads my blog.

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  • Gubbins1

    i’d not heard of 3 of these at all before, a side scroller by treasure sounds like something I deffo need to look into (I won’t mention anything about your views on Yoshi’s Story)

  • Him&Her_Hunters

    Not being a big fan of N64 in general, you quite put up some good games. The Conker, and the super nice Mischief Maker.

    We sadly don’t play spirts game at all so there is no chance for NBA, but maybe Tetris Sphere would be HER thing. Hey Thank you for the read!

  • Woji

    hahahah I have to say that I absolutely hated Yoshi’s Story also. I think I was so in love with Yoshi’s island that I expected more of the same and that could have been the problem or perhaps it just wasn’t as good as good as Island. Not sure. In any case, I played it again last year and actually found a lot to like. Nice article.

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