Cowboy Bebop Episode 1 Through an Anime Lvl 1 Viewer’s Eyes

When it comes to experience with Anime, I am essentially what you would call in gaming, “Lvl 1.” Basically, I am just starting out with no knowledge or experience whatsoever. It is not that I hate Anime. It just kind of passed me by my whole life. I know “of anime.” There are certainly some quirks and cliches to go along with it that I am aware of. I know that certain series exist. and that they are beloved all over the world. Other than that, I really don’t know anything. So today, I am going to try to Lvl Up with my first anime. Watching episode 1 of one that I know is loved by all, Cowboy Bebop.

Cowboy Bebop Episode 1: Asteroid Blues Recap from Level 1’s Eyes

One thing I note off the top is the terrific jazzy soundtrack. This is not at all what I was expecting but I dig it.

We open to a scene on a spaceship, which I come to later find out is known as the Bebop. Our main character, Spike, is eating bell peppers and beef as served by Jet, who reminds me a lot of Macho Man Randy Savage. Spike complains about the lack of beef. I honestly feel this in my soul. I’m looking at you “Chicken Soup” with little to no chicken or local Chinese Restaurant’s “Chicken Fried Rice” with absolutely no chicken in it!

Then we come to learn he is a bounty hunter and has a target, Asimov.

Asimov walks into a bar with his lady. They take a seat and he asks for a Bloody Mary. After flashing a vial of some sorts, they go to the back. Asimov is a drug dealer of sorts, and well, this is the real deal. Asimov breaks the one rule that I’ve come to understand from fiction about drug dealers. Don’t use your own product. I hear that Cocaine is a helluva drug. This is basically spraying a cocaine like drug onto your eye. Damn. Our villain of the story goes ape shit and basically kills everyone in the bar. Holy jeebus. This guy does not mess around.

Our cool as a cucumber bounty hunter is with a fortune teller. He asks for something to eat. Every damn time I try to watch an anime, a main character is always hungry. It is kind of a weird cliche that I have noticed.

Spike eventually has a run in with Asimov’s lady. She talks about running away to Mars. Me too lady, me too. Unfortunately, Asimov gets the jump on Spike and takes him out.

Eventually, Macho Man Jet Black rescues Spike and it is time for a showdown. All out hell ensues… leading to this fantastic screengrab

In Conclusion

I LOVED….LOVED….LOOVVVVVEEDD THIS! This was absolutely perfect and the exact thing I was going for. It is a Space western much in the same vein as say one of my favorite TV shows, Firefly. If you’re a Level 1 Anime Viewer like me… this is one you want to watch first, for sure. It is not overloaded with some of the zaniness you have to grow accustomed to in other anime,. The story, characters, and overall aesthetics are just excellent. I will continue watching and reviewing on my personal journey to be an Anime Viewer Over Lvl 9000.

In the meantime, Bellpeppers and beef anyone?

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