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Action Comics 1000 Takes You on a Fun 80 Year Ride

I know it is cool to hate on Superman, but dammit, I like him for what he represents as a hero. Christopher Reeve will also always be my Superman because no other Superman movie has quite gotten the right tone of the hero like the first two films (even if the films haven’t aged very well in 2018). So naturally, my comic book pick of the week is Action Comics 1000. This is the first comic book that I am aware of that has hit 1000 issues.

This review will be pretty much spoiler free, so no worries.

Action Comics 1000 Review

In a nutshell, it is a celebration of all that is great about Superman. It has several mini stories in it in a digest format with Superman writers over the years and even the start of the new creative team. My personal favorite was the first story by Dan Jurgens which was the world showing appreciation and love for Superman. You just have to read it, it is quite touching.

There is also a potential end story with Lex Luthor and Superman, and an interesting superhero themed Amusement Park. There are a good number of great little stories.

The final story in the book starts where the new creative team takes off, as Brian Michael Bendis makes the jump from Marvel to DC. He was one of Marvel’s most prolific writers. Sometimes they were great stories and some were not so great but he always took you on a ride. No doubt, this story indicates we are in for a rollercoaster ride for Superman. Superman’s origin may or may not have changed thanks to the jaw dropping cliffhanger. We will see how it plays out and maybe if its true, if it changes Superman. We will see… at this time, I can only speculate what this means.

Where to Go From Here

Well, the mini series Man of Steel is coming out next month by Brian Michael Bendis. Be sure if you enjoyed the end story to add it to your pull list and support your local comic shop if its available.

In the meantime, my favorite Brian Michael Bendis run is fromĀ the Jessica Jones book, Alias. Much of it was the inspiration for the powerful Jessica Jones Netflix series. It is good stuff!


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