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Video Game Print Ads & Magazines Like Nintendo Power Were Bizarre

I remember the days of video game magazines like Nintendo Power, GamePro, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and Next Generation Gaming Magazine. The covers of some of these magazines and the advertisements in them were a little… bizarre, to say the least. Here are some that I have found over the past few weeks while looking around.

Virtua Fighter: Right out of the gate, I get left speechless…

DA-YUM! Sega is not messing around here. I know this would not be in print today, and quite honestly, I’m not sure how it was in print then.

Nintendo Power Zelda II: Without context, this is pretty messed up

Unless you played Zelda II, the only conclusion you that would come from this is that Link is a predator. There is no way around that. Alert the schools and neighborhood parents, Link is coming to town.

WCW vs nWo: World Tour: Palette cleanser with a good advertisement…

Okay, this was one of my favorite games of all time and I must commend the advertisers for getting this one right. Not only do you have The Giant who would go on to be known as “The World’s Largest Athlete” The Big Show properly holding the controller (which somehow fits his hands). You have WCW on one side and nWo on the other. Awesome. PROPS!

Sega something or other: HOLY BALLS!

I have no idea what the fuck they are trying to sell here but it looks pretty damn amazing if it were like a Robert Rodriguez production or something. You got a priest with shades holding up a baby with shades that has a gun. Not only that, but a dead ass Santa Clause. Seriously, what the hell is this?!

Deathtrap Dungeon: I’m Not Going to Judge

I’ve never played Deathtrap Dungeon. However, if this is the game, I’m honestly not so sure. That’s not really my scene guys. That’s all I’m saying. You do you though…

Super Smash Bros Melee: Unrelated

What…. What on Earth does this have to do with the game at all? Super Smash Bros Melee is one of the greatest video games of all time and this does not do it any justice. I scream for justice, I say!

Nintendo Power: Mario Paint: Creep Factor

Okay, Mario Paint is still a beloved utility. However, I look at this cover and can’t help but do this…

Nintendo Power



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  • Amber

    I thoroughly enjoyed this article. Brought back nice memories. I do remember most of these covers but the one that gets me that I had no clue existed is the Mario Paint cover. Hahaha Mario makes me feel sooooooo uncomfortable.

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