Never Played Shining Force III

So, I have come to the realization that there are many video game classics that have just passed me by in my life. Well, I am making it a mission to tackle as many as possible. The first one is a game I never even had the chance to play, Shining Force III for Sega Saturn.

This is especially when you consider how much I have covered the first two games of the series on this website in one, no two articles. (Never did get that stream going though). You see, I never had a Sega Saturn during the era it was released. However, I recently remedied that with a refurbished Saturn. After much hunting, I finally came across a copy of Shining Force III that was not completely expensive.

By expensive, I, of course mean, look at those prices for just a used copy of the disc on Amazon!

I made a fake case for the game so it looked somewhat nice on the shelf.

Shining Force III The Game

I recently got to try it. Here are my impressions…

This game has everything I love about the Shining Force series. It has that classic turn based tactical RPG combat. Think of it as an advanced version of chess. You have your leader who you want to protect but also make sure he gets leveled up too so he can hold his own in combat. You have mages, knights, and priests, all of which have their pros and cons.

The game has charming artwork for the characters portraits from the previous games when the main characters talk. The graphics themselves receive sort of a isometric 3D-ish environment that looks pretty decent for its time. The one I loved about Shining Force I and II were the soundtracks to those games which did pretty good with 16 bit cartridge technology. This time they have CD at their disposal and it sounds fantastic.

The gameplay itself is classic Shining Force souped up for the Saturn era. Everything you’ve come to expect from the series is here. If I had to take a point off from my first impressions is that the 3D isometric view can make it a little challenging to know where your players are lined up to attack or cast a spell on the grid here and there. Its not terrible but I believe once I ended up missing an attack because of this. That’s the only downside I found because otherwise this game was definitely worth the wait.

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