Some Wrestling Action Figures That Are Just Awful

I grew up as a wrestling fan, and I used to have a huge collection of wrestling action figures all around. While child me loved them, as an adult, I can see some of the shortcomings. Basically, I wouldn’t call all of them winners, so to speak. So here are some awful wrestling action figures.


Okay, what the hell is this?

This is from the WWE Mutants line of action figures is supposed to be fantasy versions of the characters. However, this is not a good design for any type of science fiction or fantasy adventure. Seriously, what the hell is this abomination. Its like they are shooting for a gritty Zoidberg in the DC Universe solo movie or something. Sheesh…

Triple H

Man, when they say people say Triple H head got too big, I don’t think this is what they meant.

Remember when Triple H & Shawn Michaels always rocked the “mom jeans” in D-Generation X when they had gone out of style? Good news for DX… apparently mom jeans are apparently back in style so you can relive 1990 in 2000 in 2018 all over again, guys!


Shawn Michaels

There is disproportionate amount of Shawn Michaels action figures over the years that have his proportions all messed up…

Man if you ever go into a war zone, be sure to bring this action figure of Shawn Michaels with you because he is armed to the teeth.

Junkyard Dog

Man, the Junkyard was not too kind to this action figure, things been really ruff these days.

This is not the Junkyard Dog, this is “Awkward Hug Grandpa” in action figure form.


Rowdy Roddy Piper


This action figure is accurate to what it is portraying. However, having said that, the moment it is portraying probably should not have been immortalized into a collectible and/or kids toy (depending on who you are). There are no shortage of moments in WWE history to be embarrassed about as a fan. Roddy Piper in half blackface is certainly one of them. Sheesh….WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

Stone Cold Steve Austin


Why the long face Steve? I mean, when you’re hung like Peter North …. not that I know who that is or anything, I’d be smiling.

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