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Never Read Wolverine Volume 1 Mini Series

I love comic books. Unfortunately, there are many classics that I just never got to read. The other possibility is that I read them as a young child and just did not understand what I was reading. I have decided to remedy some of that. I am going to catch up on some classics and read or reread some of them. Starting with one I’ve always heard great things about, the first Wolverine solo adventure, Wolverine Volume 1 Mini Series.

Wolverine Volume 1 Mini Series Brief Recap of Part 1

Wolverine Volume 1

Just a brief recap here because you either know the story, or if you don’t know, then you should read it yourself so you won’t get spoiled. The story is that the love of Wolverine’s life, Maruko, was arranged by her father to be married to an abusive man. She complied in order to honor her father. However, Wolverine just doesn’t understand any of this. Now, he wants blood. In the stand off between the father and Wolverine, Wolverine comes out behind and is left on the street.

You will just have to read more for more of this epic adventure.


Oh wow, this was fantastic. I don’t think I read anything by Chris Claremont other than a very odd run on Xtreme X-Men in the 2000s that I wasn’t too crazy about. However, this is everything everyone has said it is and more. The mood. The intensity. Chris and Frank set all of this perfectly.

This was peak Wolverine and peak comic book story telling. Plus it has fantastic art by another comic book legend, you may known him as Frank Miller. You can’t get any better of a creative team than that. I now see why this is a much coveted and celebrated series.


I am open to suggestions for some must read classics. There are many I haven’t had the chance to read so feel free to forward on your suggestions in the comments or on social media.

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