Most Annoying Video Game Characters

Recently I reached out on social media to find out what were your opinions on the most annoying video game characters.

Honorable Mentions…

I even made my own honorable mention…


But here we go, 5 of the most annoying video game characters as decided by GeekWithThat Twitter.

5. Ashley Graham

No… not this Ashley Graham, body positivity advocate and supermodel

THIS Ashley Graham, from Resident Evil 4…

She is the epitome of annoying as all she does is yell “LEON! HAAALLLLPPP!!” in a little girls voice that is just at the right tone to immediately get under your skin. Eventually you give her super armor, and she still screams for you! STOP IT! This amusing video I found sums up the experience quite nicely…

By the way, a word of warning, when using Google Images to look up images of Resident Evil Ashley, just use caution is all I’m saying. I can’t unsee some of that already. Freaking sickos.

4. Natalya from Goldeneye representing all Escort Missions

Goldeneye, released in the late 90s for Nintendo 64 was incredibly popular. However, one game mechanic it popularized was the escort mission with Natalya. It is quite possibly the most incredibly frustrating mission in the game because she does fuck all to defend herself. I had an easier time finding video montages of the player killing Natalya than I did of the actual mission in the game. That says something…

3. Slippy Toad from Star Fox 64

Who is this creep? Why he is the mechanic and tech expert on Team Fox, but his voice is annoying and he is constantly getting himself fucked in situations where you need to focus. Gotta drop everything you are doing and save Slippy again, apparently.

Star Fox 64 remains the best game in the Star Fox series in spite of this incredibly annoying character. Here is ALL of the dialog from the game…


2. Baby Mario from Yoshi’s Island

Yoshi’s Island for the SNES is a fantastic platform game. It is definitely one of my favorite games of all time. Having said that, Baby Mario is easily the only thing gets me to hesitate picking it back up and playing it as frequently as other Mario or Yoshi games. Obviously it was designed to make you panic, but even parents need an escape from babies, not to hear a baby crying. AHH!

1. NAVI (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

Kind of spoiled this earlier but was there really any other choice? The fairy mechanic was introduced in Zelda Ocarina of Time as a way to help with camera control. Which was perfect with the lack of a 2nd stick on the Nintendo 64. Having said that, did we really need this fairy screaming “HEY! LISTEN!” like it was bloody murder every 10 minutes in the game. It was almost as if I wanted to figure things out for myself at one point like I did in the previous Zelda games.

Still…Ocarina of Time is still one of the top Zelda games, in my opinion.

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