Was The Goon the Dumbest Gimmick? (GimmickSlam #3)

So it is time to take a look at another weird character in wrestling history. This one is a bit infamous for how much we didn’t care at all about him. This time we look at The Goon! BOOOOOO!!!!!!

Look he’s The Goon? Who is “The Goon?” Why he’s a hockey player that doesn’t obey the rules. Speaking strictly as a filthy casual non-fan of hockey, I pretty much watch it for all the rules players break. For me, that’s the fun part. I can understand a real hockey fan not liking that, but lets face it, WWF’s primary home in 1996 was the United States, where hockey is probably like the 4th biggest sport behind Football, Baseball, and Basketball. So, at least for me and a few other people, this guy breaking the rules in hockey is a reason to cheer this guy, and we were supposed to view him as a heel.  You know, that is if we gave a flying crap about him at all.

You know because all they did was “This is The Goon. He’s a hockey player. He breaks the rules. BOOOOO!” and that was that. “BOO! You high sticking mofo!”

The Goon in Action

So maybe his character was a bit dumb, how was he in action?

For whatever reason, his shtick was to win by countout? BUT WHY?!?!?! We all know that is not how you win Championships in the WWE. This was stupid and it also looks like with those ridiculous boots that The Goon doesn’t

The Goon Merchandise

I found on eBay this lovely autographed photo of The Goon. You can get it for $18.

The important part of this auction is that it is listed with a certificate of authenticity. You know, in case someone tries to call you out on having a fake autograph of The Goon. You know, like thousands of those are floating around trying to make a quick buck off of The Goon’s great name and legacy.

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