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Who Wants This Odd Star Wars Merchandise?

Star Wars definitely has a far reaching fandom for the past 40-ish years. So naturally, they have monetized the shit out of it. If it has a Wookie, Stormtrooper, or Darth Vader, chances are… somebody bought it. So let us take a look at this odd Star Wars merchandise.

Chewbacca Soup

Okay, is this Wookie soup? And does Wookie taste like chicken?

Revenge of the Sith Air Sickness Bag

Hey, this might come in handy when watching Revenge of the Sith. In reality, it is probably appropriate for usage when watching any of the prequels, not just Revenge of the Sith. Especially during Attack of the Clones’ “I don’t like sand” scene.

Porg Panties



Yes this is a real product you can buy right now on Amazon. To be fair, if your lover saw these panties, they are probably not thinking about eating Porgs, but something else.

Sorry guys…

The Imperial Walker


Okay, I am not going ot lie, if I needed a walker for some reason or another, it would probably be this one is all I’m saying. Bizarre but practical.

Yoda Cat Head Piece


Okay, I found this on Amazon along with a Leia one. While cat costumes are popular, this is NOT one happy Cat. Holy shit, someone get that cat some Yarn and a box, STAT. Poor kitty.

Awkward T-Shirt Design

Let us never forget that in the Star Wars Holiday Special the only Wookie that wanted Nookie was Grandpa Itchy as he masturbated to human porn.

Stormtrooper Toilet Decal


You can buy this bad boy for your toilet on Amazon. While I appreciate the encouragement I am going to say the same thing I tell my wife… “SOMETIMES, YOU THINK YOU’RE FINE BUT IT TURNS OUT YOUR SETTINGS NEED CALIBRATED, YOU KNOW, LIKE A JOYSTICK?”

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