AAW Pro Day of Defiance May 5, 2018 in LaSalle, IL Recap

I recently have discovered a love for independent wrestling, namely in the form of AAW or All American Wrestling based out of Chicago, IL. I have been to 4 events so far, and this marked my 5th time in LaSalle, IL at the Knights of Columbus for Day of Defiance. Here was the lineup…


Some Highlights of AAW Day of Defiance

While almost all of the matches delivered, there were a few matches. Before I get to those, take a look at the cool finish to the women’s match between Scarlett Bordeaux and Shotzi Blackheart…

Here are a couple matches that really stood out to me.

Laredo Kid vs. Zema Ion

This was my first time seeing Laredo Kid and he was awesome. At the end, everyone was chanting “Please Come Back,” and quite frankly, I hope he does.

Rey Fenix vs. Trey Miguel

This match was fantastic and I missed the photo opportunity of Trey walking around with a dislocated finger after the match (OUCH!)

Match of the Night: Dog Collar Match: Ace Romero vs. MJF

This is my 2nd time seeing Ace Romero live and he is nuts. For a bigger man, he is pretty light on his feet and does very athletic moves. The dog collar match was insane. It had blood. It  had a few insane bumps like this one I captured…

It was overall a fantastic match. Very memorable. I am pretty sure these guys were hurting the next morning…


The So So Moment of the Night

About the only semi-okay-ish part was Trevor Lee vs. Paco. These are two great wrestlers I’ve seen several times but the match was paced very slow and it went on just a bit too long. It really built to something at the end but if they could have cut it by 5 minutes that would have been great.

Having said that, Trevor Lee is a phenomenal heel and had the crowd wrapped around his finger.

All in All

This was a fantastic night and for $15 a ticket, it is amazing value. You can meet some of the wrestlers who are very nice. Drinks are actually affordable. The venue is fairly nice and for my mother who walks with a cane, we found it is still very accessible. All in all, it was a great night and I had a blast. I highly recommend AAW Pro to any wrestling fan looking for something fresh and different.

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