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First Time Gaming Experience: NES

It was Christmas Day in 1990, approximately 28 years ago. I was around seven years old. The gift I received was a “Nintendo” or the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES for short.

It was the NES Action Set that came with 2 controllers, a power zapper, and Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt. My brother, who was 4 years old at the time, and I were excited to try this out. We received some games for it throughout the day and today I will touch upon my first experiences with them.

Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt

The first game I ever played was Super Mario Bros. Needless to say, I had no idea what I was doing or I died a lot. However, I was infatuated with it. It was such a good game to start off. I still feel the 2D Mario games have the best platform physics and controls out there.

Duck Hunt was a lot of fun too. Some find the dog annoying. I loved him. The game just had a lot of charm. It really is too bad you can’t play this on a flat screen TV anymore.

Double Dare

Not knowing anything about licensed games, and being a huge fan of the Nickelodeon Kids Game Show, Double Dare; I asked for Double Dare for Christmas from my Grandma. It actually isn’t that bad but I imagine this is a game that has not aged well. It is a quiz show that leads to obstacle courses and such. The physical challenges are your typical track & field mash button controls. I think I may have completed the final obstacle course once or twice out of the dozens of times I played it.

Snake’s Revenge

This was a gift from my Uncle. I must of spent months playing this game having no idea what I was supposed to be doing. I didn’t get very far for about a year. Then, I figured out it was a stealth game randomly. This is the non-Kojima non-canon sequel to the original Metal Gear. It is hard as balls. I don’t even know how you get past a certain boss fight without a Game Genie. It is a pain.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game

Now this is where it was at for me. This is the excellent NES port of the classic Arcade game from Konami based on the 1980s TMNT cartoon. It was an awesome game. I spent weeks mastering this game. Somehow, I beat the game from beginning to end without the classic Konami code. I can not replicate that feat in my 30s no matter how hard I try but this will go down as the first game I truly played all the way through.

How About You?

So that was my first time as a gamer. How about you? When did you start and what did you start with? Let me know in the comments or on social media!


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  • Him&Her_Hunters

    It is awesome! We really live those kind of story. Gaming is such an interactive media. It is an active form of art. You are at the center stage of the action and the development of the story.

    As for our first time story, I promise We will sent you to our own blog soon to see it. If yoy want that is ??thank you for sharing it, and it was a fun read.

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