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This Mr. Meeseeks Funko POP For Sale Has an Interesting “Feature”

I do have a small collection of Funko POP toys. Just when I think the market has collapsed, it somehow regains strength and becomes more powerful than ever. In other words, it feels like they aren’t going away anytime soon. Recently, my friend brought this particular eBay auction to my attention for a Mr. Meeseeks.

Who is Mr. Meeseeks?

In the TV Show, Rick and Morty, Mr. Meeseeks is brought to life to serve one purpose, to help you with a task. Once they solved that task, they disintegrate and die. Thus, they have have lived a fulfilling life doing the one thing they were designed to do.

Naturally, Jerry asked for one thing they couldn’t really help him with. He asked to take two strokes off his golf swing. This was a huge problem and they kept spawning more and more of these creatures. The situation eventually escalates.

It is honestly one of my favorite episodes of the show and you should check it out.

The eBay Auction

So what is up for auction?

Now that is one way to take two strokes off your golf swing!

A $115 plastic dong? That is ri-DICK-u-lous.

Why let us take a closer look…


I know there is a fairly sizeable market for rarities and mistake toys, but I feel like you can get a much bigger and sturdier plastic dong at your local “Marital Enhancements” store for possibly much cheaper, or at least, a better value. I don’t know. It is not something I regularly buy, or, for that matter, buy at all. In the end, I think it matters whether you are collecting plastic dongs or factory defect toys.

I certainly won’t criticize the collector. As I said in the beginning, I have some POP Toys, but I also have comic books, video games, statues, etc etc. I paid $110 for a rare Complete in Box Tetris game made by Tengen for the NES. You know? Tetris? The game that has been released and remixed for almost every single console, phone, tablet, watch, PDA, operating system, microwave, and toaster in existence? SCREW YOUR LOGIC!

Basically, I have no room to talk.

Now, if you are collecting both plastic dongs and rare factory defect toys, then you get this seal…

In the end, just do what makes you happy and if a toy of Mr. Meeseeks that is packing a small love gun, then you do you, my friend.


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