Cowboy Bebop Session 2 Stray Dog Strut Lvl 1 Anime Viewer

I am in the process of “Leveling Up” my credentials when it comes to Anime. I got my fine followers and friends on Twitter to help me out in this process. Right now, I’m still “Lvl 1” and we are beginning the recap of Episode 2 of Cowboy Bebop.

Cowboy Bebop Session 2 – “Stray Dog Strut” Recap from Lvl 1 Anime Viewer’s Eyes

First we cut to a scene in a men’s restroom where a mugging and a robbery of sort occurs. I assume this is our fugitive for the episode!

The show opens on the Bebop with our protagonist watching Big Shot. And uhhh…

The Japanese do not mess around with gratuitous flesh at all. Like every bits of anime I’ve seen and many Japanese video games I have played are a PG-13 Game of Thrones. All about that fan service, I guess.

So the fugitive is Abdul Hakim, and he has stolen a prized lab animal. Spike is up to the job!

Through Three Stooges like events, a random stranger comes in possession of Abdul’s briefcase with the lab animal. He goes to the animal shop. After Spike also gets a tip to go to the exotic animal shop, they meet up. We skip the whole rational conversation thing and go straight to this…

They open the briefcase and…Oh My God! Oh My God Like, Oh My God PEOPLE! IT IS A CORGI!

It is a Welsh Corgi, in fact. The lady blows off the Corgi saying she will pay 8 Woolongs for it as it is worthless. Now, I had to google this, but one Woolong = $0.01 USD or 0.0085 Euro. I’m sorry, have you tried buying a purebred Corgi in the US? A quick Google to some website “How Much Do Corgis Cost” says generally priced somewhere as low as $600 USD or 507 Euro. That comes out to 600,000 Woolongs people!

Plus, with a Corgi, you get unconditional love, and, really, isn’t that worth all of the Woolongs?

Eventually, Hakim and Spike cross paths and somehow by pure luck, Spike ends up with the Corgi. WOO WOO!

All this time, two researchers have been after Abdul and the dog. The dog is of great important. He is a data dog and they have put a lot of work into him, whatever that means at this point. They decide to use “The Dog Whistle” but they say it puts a great risk. What is that risk?

ALL THE DOGS COME TOWARDS YOU. Ummm… that’s not a problem. That is called winning at life, my friend aka the very opposite of a problem.

The doggo eventually gets kidnapped by Hakim and we get an epic chase sequence between a big ass truck, a sports car, and a fighter jet. Eventually, our lovely animal escapes the sports car and basically, and I am not kidding about this, does a tuck and roll dive out of a moving vehicle. Good doggy!

It is revealed on Big Shots that Abdul “turned himself in.” Also the data dog is missing. Cut to the Bebop, and YAY! THE DOG IS THERE! Spike is trying to play it all cool. However, we know, deep down, he’s a big softy.

In Conclusion

This was even better than the first episode. I loved this. Being an animal lover, I loved the fact that this episode was centered around a dog. So as I Lvl Up my Anime credentials and unlock more trophies, join me my friends.

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  1. Ahah it is an awesome see through of the episode. And hey you got a trophy. Really liked that idea!

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