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Playing Silent Hill 3 for the First Time on the 15th Year Anniversary

So, I have come to the realization that there are many video game classics that have just passed me by in my life. Well, I am making it a mission to tackle as many as possible. The first one is a game I never even had the chance to play, Silent Hill 3.

Fun fact, Silent Hill 3 was released 15 years ago on May 23, 2003.

Now, the only game I’ve truly played in the Silent Hill series to completion is Silent Hill 2. In fact, that game had such an impact on me at the time that I am still shook by the game’s story. I was able to acquire the PS2 version and play it recently and give it a shot.

The First Dream Sequence

First the game opens up in an amusement park at night and it is exactly how I imagine Disney World would be after midnight. In other words, it is the stuff of nightmares.

You come across several bloody rabbit costumes. Press the action button on them and what does our hero say?

Ummm… hello?! Why wouldn’t a giant bloody rabbit costume not just be laying there? You’ve obviously never been to an amusement park before.

You eventually wake up in the middle of a mall. It was all a dream or was it?

Quick Review

I played a little more and I was hooked. It played well like Silent Hill 2. If I had to give a tip it would be if you the Resident Evil HD Remaster controls, switch control type to “2D.” 3D control type is the old school Resident Evil Tank controls that are kind of lost on me now.

The puzzles are challenging and the overall gameplay is pretty solid once you configure the controls. The only criticism I have is mostly with Konami. They lost the source code to the original game when porting it to PS3. The PS3 version many consider to be an overall bust too. So, thank you Konami, we will probably never get a true HD remaster of the game now. Then, the new game Silent Hills aka the PT Demo was inexplicably cancelled. I don’t say this overused phrase too often, but Konami, you have ruined my childhood.

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