6 Pieces of That Poorly Thought Out Sweet Sweet Retro Wrestling Merchandise

Being a long time fan of professional wrestling, you will always run into some strange wrestling merchandise. Well… the retro wrestling merchandise is somehow stranger. They were trying to figure out what worked and what doesn’t, I guess.

Sizzling Sunny Posters

Remember Sunny from WWE? She’s definitely an interesting character to say the least but back in her prime I was a huge fan… but I was also a 12 year old wrestling fan full of those raging hormones experts talk about, and we had DIAL UP INTERNET THEN… so it is not hard to figure out.

So here is this “Totally Rad” Poster book of Sunny.

Of course… a poster book isn’t all that uncommon back then… what’s hilarious is printed across Sunny’s chest in the corner…

So yes kids, be sure to have your mom remove the staples from your sexy posters of Sunny before you go into a private room in your home to have your first ever “Me Time.”

Michael PS Hayes Vinyl

Ohhhh myyy… I think we found the item that Roseanne Barr unwinds to at night…

Hulk Hogan Wig


First of all… this is obviously a bootleg you can get at a Halloween shop. Was it entirely necessary to get his old man wrinkles in there too?

Kevin Nash Head Lamp

Congratulations to WWE and WCW Legend Kevin Nash on his new movie role in the remake of The Exorcist!

Mantaur Trading Card

Now I am sure the question “WHY?” comes up a lot when you discover there is a Mantaur trading card. Because why not? Remember, this is the man we were supposed to take seriously coming out to the ring dressed like this…

Jeff Jarrett Slap Nuts Foam Guitar

WCW during the New Blood era sure was interesting for all the wrong reasons. Remember the god awful catchphrase “Slap Nuts”? Well, you could have commemorated that memory with this sweet ass foam guitar. You can also ask yourself why did Jeff Jarrett still carry an acoustic guitar with him in WCW?

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