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Does Bendis’s Superman Book The Man of Steel #1 Live Up to the Hype?

Superman is a hero that people either love or hate. Personally, I love Superman. I like him for the reasons most people hate him. He isn’t dark or edgy. He is a symbol of how we can be better as people and how one person can make the world a better place. So that brings us to Brian Michael Bendis, famous for shaking things up many times over at Marvel Comics. Now he has Superman. We were left with a cliffhanger with Action Comics 1000 which is leading into this mini series of The Man of Steel. How was it?

The Man of Steel #1 Review

We were treated to some classic Brian Michael Bendis writing. Whether you love it or hate it is simply up to you.  A series of potential arsons have plagued an area of Metropolis, and it is up to Clark Kent & Superman along with a new fire chief to solve the mystery.

A big point of Superman’s powers that is covered is his Super hearing. Me, speaking honestly, that is one of his powers I could honestly do without. The way Bendis describes it, it almost definitely has its own pros and cons to it.

Of course, The Man of Steel #1 has left us on yet another cliffhanger. To answer a big question, the questions we had at the end of Action Comics 1000 were still not fully answered in this though, but we did get a peak at it. I assume more will be answered in the coming weeks.

Where to Go From Here

Thankfully this time, we don’t have to wait a whole month for the next part of the story. Just one week till The Man of Steel. I say pick this up and add it to your local comic shop’s pull list, for sure!

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